Keep2Share Premium Promo Code (December 2021)


How to get Keep2Share Premium key for free 

In most cases, a Keep2Share account is always free and available to everyone. This way you can download the file or video without paying a single cent. But a K2S free account has a number of disadvantages:

  • Low download speed (50 kb/s)

  • Long pauses between downloads (from 1 hour)

  • You have to enter captcha

For subscribers of my sites, I always recommend trying a 30-day Keep2Share Premium subscription to get started. Not the 3 days trial, but the 30 days subscription. Yes, it may seem more expensive than the trial version, but why pay $8.95 for 3 days when you can buy a full 30-day subscription for only $16.95? This is much more beneficial if you want to be able to download files every day but have not yet decided which subscription will work best for you. By the way, Keep2share has a 30-day refund guarantee, so you can always cancel your subscription if you're not happy with it.

But I still recommend taking a closer look at the 90 days plan. Let me explain why. Activate the Keep2Share premium key and get additional 10% days for free when you buy a subscription. It is very beneficial if you take a subscription for 90 days. You will get not 90, but Keep2Share Premium 99-day subscription for the same price!

How to get Keep2Share Premium Pro account for free

If it is important for you to watch videos online on mobile devices in perfect quality, anywhere, anytime, then the Keep2Share Premium Pro subscription is what you need. Unlike popular paid sites that have their own subscriptions, K2S Premium Pro gives you access to all paid content from 119 sites for the price of one month's subscription.

Premium Pro users can watch hundreds of hours of videos online and download videos they want to watch over and over again. With a Premium Pro subscription, you have access to 50 GB of videos every day. By the way, there are over 100 new videos every day in excellent HD quality. Stop wasting your time on searches, use the Keep2Share promo code, and get 10% Premium Pro days for free. It is very beneficial if you buy a 365-day subscription. This way, you get 36 additional days of subscription free of charge. Keep2Share Premium Pro 400 days instead of 365 days! Do you agree that this is worth a try?

How to activate Keep2share reseller code

Quite often, I receive emails from users about the difficulties they encounter when buying through resellers. So, this guide will help you get your Premium Pro subscription through a reseller.

How to activate Keep2share reseller code

1. Select keep2share Premium pro plan (90 or 365 days) on the reseller's site. We recommend using this Keep2Share reseller as it accepts PayPal and Bitcoin.

2. Get an activation code from your reseller

3. Follow this link to register or log in to Keep2share (and also to get 10% of days for free)

4. When choosing a payment method, select “Reseller code” and enter the activation key received from the reseller

For your convenience, I’ve uploaded a YouTube video on how to activate a Keep2Share reseller code and get 400 days with Keep2Share Premium Account for free.

List of resellers I trust:

  1. Premiumkey

  2. Premiumkeys

  3. 24Instant

How to buy Keep2Share premium account with discount (How To Tutorial 2022) 

A Keep2Share subscription allows you to access hundreds of sites, watch videos online on mobile devices - anywhere, anytime. According to NewMediaWire, it is the largest file hosting service in the world. Over a million users choose Keep2Share every day. Is Premium pro worth its money and is it safe? Definitely, yes! However, do you agree that it is pleasant to use your favorite service with a discount? Just for such an occasion, I have prepared an instruction for you:

How to get a discount on Keep2Share Premium Pro Account in 2022:

1. Follow the link to automatically activate the Keep2Share 2022 coupon

2. Choose a 90 or 365 days tariff

3. Pay for your subscription via Visa or Mastercard and get a bonus - up to 36 additional days of subscription for free!

How to upgrade keep2share Premium for free 

Once a year, Keep2Share holds an unprecedented sale of Premium Pro accounts for old and current users in honor of Black Friday and K2S Christmas sale 2022.

Follow the link until December 31, 2021 and get a personal offer with a 25% discount on the upgrade program. How does the upgrade promotion work? If you’ve only used the 30-day plan before, you’ll get a personalized offer with a 90 or 365-day plan for 25% off. Get a 90-day subscription for just $38.96 instead of $51.95. Accordingly, if you have ever bought a subscription for 365 days, you’ll be able to get an annual plan for only $105.75 for 25% less.

Keep2Share Premium TOP 4 Questions of 2021

  1. What are the ways to pay for my subscription? The most profitable way to pay for your subscription is with Visa and Mastercard. Be careful before paying - use the promo code so as not to pay any hidden commissions. You will save up to $ 15 for all payment methods available in your country.

  2. Is it generally safe? Definitely yes. Unlike torrent trackers, the use of which is illegal in most countries, watching videos online without ads and downloading files is completely safe and anonymous for all keep2share users. Thanks to the additional traffic encryption on Keep2share, no one will be able to know what video you are watching on Saturday night.

  3. What sites are available by subscription? Honestly, Keep2share is powered by a huge number of sites around the world, and the number is growing every day. Keep2share is chosen by many companies around the world due to the huge number of file hosting subscribers. Here are 119 sites where you can watch videos online and download files at a high speed with your Keep2share subscription.

  4. Where can I get the updated keep2share subscription promo code for free? You can get and activate this month’s promo code here.


  • Activate Keep2Share Premium Promo Code (December 2021) and Get 37 Extra Days for FREE

  • Activate Keep2Share Premium Promo Code (December 2021) and Get 37 Extra Days for FREE
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Keep2Share Premium Promo Code (December 2021)

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